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GeeTramp Mini 4x4ft Rectangle Gymnastic Trampoline - Black Edition

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GeeTramp® designed the Mini gymnastic trampoline with input from the Australian and New Zealand GTramp & Parkour community. Finally, there is now a Mini gymnastic trampoline for domestic indoor and outdoor users. What a great way to be active, keep fit and practice your gtramp, parkour and gymnastic routines!

Note: this is designed for gymnasts wanting to practice their skills within their ability. The GeeTramp® Mini is not for beginners.

  • Responsive bounce
  • Solid powder-coated frame
  • Adjustable mat angle and frame height
  • Comes 95% pre-assembled, simply unfold legs, set lock pins and it's ready to use
  • Uses the same materials as GeeTramp® full-size outdoor trampolines with amazing UV protection
  • Weighs just over 30kgs and is 4x4ft so it will fit in a vast range of cars for ease of transportation
  • Carry bag included for transportation and storage
Do Flips Anywhere!

Bust out your GeeTramp® Mini in your backyard, at the part or even at the beach! Watch Andrew @parkourayce perform some neat tricks on the GeeTramp® Mini.