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GeeTramp Force 14x16ft Rectangle Trampoline - In Ground - High Bounce /w AU Springs

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This 14x16ft Trampoline includes not only a high bounce mat but also a full set of Australian made springs which offer a more responsive smooth bounce for users who want to get a high bounce, ideal for users up to 85kg as the mat becomes softer with more weight. 

The 14x16ft trampoline is the family social entertainer of trampolines. There isn't another backyard trampoline in Australia that comes close to this one in size and quality; it is simply massive and robust in every way.

The 14x16ft trampoline is suited to various uses:

  • Teenaged cheerleaders appreciate the enormous space for floor tumble practice, with space for several people to work out together on tumble and backwards walkover routines.
  • Teenagers that need a safe space for soccer, wrestling, jumping, tricks and general energy burning (this is the one we had at home for our three teenage boys!)
  • Larger families 4+ kids - Large families also tend to be the go to place for lots of friends so room for everyone and keeps them all outside for a long time.
  • Big guys love it for the bounce and the space and also knowing the frame is super strong and will hold them and a buddy too while the bounce being easy and rewarding.
  • Parkour, free running athletes love it for the space to practice large movement and routines. Often dropping in off a ladder... which we don't recommend!