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GeeTramp Force 14x16ft Rectangle Trampoline - In Ground - High Bounce

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The huge 14x16ft Rectangle Trampoline most popular with families of 2+ children and a decent backyard, also, many cheerleaders love it as the 14x16ft rectangle trampoline provides an ideal area to practice their routines.

This is the family social entertainer of trampolines. There isn't another backyard trampoline in Australia or New Zealand that comes close to this one in size and quality; it is simply massive and robust in every way.

With the High bounce mat and heavy duty springs this massive trampoline becomes quite enjoyable to just bounce happily on, and is quite suitable for doing routines, tumbles and round-offs on. For users wanting to get a more responsive (springy and smooth) bounce we recommend looking at the 14x16ft High bounce trampoline with AU Springs.