GeeTramp StringPro 9x14ft Rectangle Gymnastic Trampoline – In Ground



Introducing the GeeTramp® StringPro! The StringPro is a gymnastic ‘flat string’ style trampoline (the really bouncy trampolines you typically find in bounce centres and gymnasiums).
The StringPro gymnastic trampoline was designed from the ground up for the ultimate bounce experience whilst keeping safety and durability in mind.

To ensure the mat is protected from the UV you’ll need to paint the mat during assembly and on a maintenance basis thereafter (check the user manual or contact us for more information). Paint will be provided upon purchase and you will be given the option to selecting your preferred color. You will also need a paint roller and brush to apply the paint.


Solid & Durable Frame

Bounce with the utmost confidence, the steel frame tubing is 77mm wide, 53mm high and 3.5mm thick! – Now that’s some serious tubing. Hot dipped galvanised tubing is used for the framework.

GeeTramp StringPro Frame

Australian Made Galvanised Springs

Quality Australian wire, Australian made. These massive springs are 270mm (about 11 inches) long and 32mm in diameter to provide a high performance, smooth bounce that makes you not want to bounce on a normal backyard trampoline again! There are over 100 springs on this trampoline.

StringPro Springs

High-Performance Mat

On general backyard trampolines, you lose a lot of energy by moving air every time you bounce. To increase the bounce, you increase airflow in the mat so instead of wasting that energy on moving air it’s spent propelling you higher with less effort! This effect is even more prevalent when your trampoline in installed in the ground.

GeeTramp StringPro Mat

Our Widest & Thickest Pads Ever!

To make your bouncing experience as safe as possible GeeTramp® has designed these super wide (over half a meter) pads which are 75mm thick over the frame and 50mm thick over the mat.

GeeTramp StringPro Pads


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