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GeeTramp 9x14ft Trampoline - High Bounce - NQR Set

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The GeeTramp® 9x14ft trampoline is one of our most popular trampolines due to it's suitability across various ages and activities.

With the High Bounce mat added to this size it is especially popular among gymnasts as they are able to achieve more height easily. 

One of the other benefits to the High bounce mat is that it is less fatiguing meaning users are able to bounce happily for longer. 

For lighter users wanting to get even more bounce we recommend checking out the 9x14ft High bounce trampoline with AU Springs.

The 9x14ft is a medium-large size rectangle trampoline, it allows enough room for most users to perform advanced tricks and routines.

We recommend the 9x14ft for those wanting to practice gymnastics in their own backyard, providing plenty of space for flips and tricks. 

It is also a perfect size to grow with your family, with enough space for adults to jump on with little ones and a perfect trampoline from them to grow into teenagers.