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GeeTramp 8x12ft Rectangle Trampoline - High Bounce - NQR Set

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GeeTramp® 8x12ft High Bounce trampoline is specifically designed to improve on standard backyard trampolines and still remain reasonably priced as well as low maintenance. 

Younger, lighter kids interested in flipping, gymnastics, and parkour find the high bounce mat on this size makes it easier to gain height required to improve and build upon their skills.

The 8x12ft trampoline is suitable for all ages, ideal for 6-14-year olds and young gymnasts. This trampoline has the best bounce out of any 8x12ft trampoline we have ever tested.

The kids will love the bounce provided by our unique engineered curved frame design; keeping them outside and active by providing a safe and reliable source of fun, that will help keep your whole family fit and healthy.

Note: More experienced gymnasts commonly prefer the 9x14ft or 10x17ft trampolines due to the extra length to round out extended flips.